About Smitty’s Classics and Cars

Reliving the Golden Era of Automobiles, One Restoration at a Time

At Smitty’s Classics and Cars, nestled in the heart of Alvarado, TX, we're more than just a classic car restoration service - we are a voyage back in time, reviving the classic charm of yesteryears’ automobiles. Our roots in the community run deep, anchored by a passionate owner with over 30 years of hands-on restoration expertise. Our journey begins with a simple yet profound passion for vintage cars. It's this love for classic automobiles that fuels our dedication to perfection, ensuring each vehicle we touch regains its original splendor. From the moment you roll your cherished classic into our facility, we treat it as our own - with respect, care, and an eye for detail.

Our process is thorough and tailored to each unique classic we have the honor of restoring. Beginning with a comprehensive inspection, we map out a meticulous restoration plan. Our skilled team of technicians, armed with a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, meticulously works to breathe new life into your prized possession. Every bolt tightened and every surface polished is a step closer to reliving the vintage charm that classic cars embody. But our engagement goes beyond just restoration. We believe in forming lasting relationships with our customers, becoming a part of their classic car journey. The gleam in their eyes as they drive away in a restored classic is the fuel that keeps our engines running.

Our portfolio is a visual journey of the remarkable transformations we've accomplished. Each project, with its unique narrative, reflects our commitment to excellence and the joy of seeing a classic car roar back to life. At Smitty's Classics and Cars, we don't just restore cars; we rekindle the enduring legacy of classic automobiles. Our door is always open to anyone sharing a love for classic cars. Your dream of cruising down the road in a restored, gleaming classic is not just a dream at Smitty's - it's a reality waiting to happen.

Join us in celebrating the timeless appeal of classic cars, and be a part of the Smitty’s Classics and Cars family. Your journey towards owning a piece of history begins here.

See our five star reviews as a reflection of our work!

Great guy. Great work. Integrity

Clay Duncan

Great guy and beautiful cars

Saundra Gayle Veach McMinn

FINALLY a shop that knows how to fix vintage cars. Could never find anyone in DFW who knew what they were doing. Daryl is a gem!! Very honest. Does appropriate research and,in the end, doesn't rip you off.

Eric Oliver

I took an old barn find 1964 f100 step side. Darryl and his team worked on it and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I’m grateful for his honesty and integrity of his shop! Long story short I have a classic daily driver now and it’s badass.

Joe Vasquez